Fernando Escandón from Pasión de Gavilanes, before and after

Juan Pablo Shuk is the actor who gives life to the villain Fernando Escandon of Passion of Gavilanesa novel that has become fashionable thanks to Canal Caracol.

The 54-year-old actor from Bogota, although he studied Marine Biology, ended up playing his first leading role in the soap opera «The Chieftain and the Goddess» (1989)which earned him the India Catalina Award for “Best Newcomer of the Year”.

After that, the actor left for the United Statesexactly to Kansas to study theater and cinema and returned to the country to participate in the novel «Pretty Mary» (1995).

Juan Pablo has participated in more than 20 productions during their career in which they have stood out «I love Paquita Gallego», «Without breasts there is no paradise», «Escobar: The patron of evil» and «General Naranjo»among other.

But without a doubt, it was his role as Fernando Escandón in «Pasión de Gavilanes» in which he most marked his career as an actor and in fact it is the reason why the actor has been living in Spain for almost 10 years.

Fernando Escandón from Pasión de Gavilanes, before and after



Though Juan Pablo Shuk was born in Bogota, He has Hungarian nationality from his father and currently resides in Spain for a long time.

There he met his current wife of Aragonese origin Ana de la Lastra with whom he has two children and whom he married in 2012.

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