Felipe Arias suffered a heart problem and was hospitalized

Felipe Arias was hospitalized in Bogotá after presenting a health mishap, which would be associated with a heart failure.

The news that the charismatic presenter and journalist of RCN newsFelipe Arias, famous for his phrase «Don’t stay silent, report it» was hospitalized urgently, it began to spread without his true state of health being known exactly.

Although some portals spoke of a preinfarction, the first official voice on the fact was given by José Manuel Acevedo, director of RCN newswho through his twitter account made the confirmation:

We send a hug to our partner @FelipeArias71 who has suffered a health mishap and is stable and cared for by the best medical team. Since @RCN news We send our love and message of speedy recovery to dear Felipe.

– José Manuel Acevedo (@JoseMAcevedo) March 11, 2021

Felipe Arias was hospitalized due to an apparent heart problem

Although much is rumored about the real cause of his hospitalization, it is known that the presenter underwent a catheterization and is confined in the Intensive Care Unit of the Colombia Clinic, in Bogotá, in stable conditions.

Since the news was known, quite a few Internet users, personalities from journalism and political life have expressed their solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery for Felipe Arias:

“Cheer up Felipe Arias. We news hunters send you blessings.”

“Dear Felipe, may God bless you and I hope you recover soon, a lot of faith and you know that the Virgencita is taking care of you. A hug.»

“Speedy recovery and prayer for the colleague @FelipeArias71 a big hug for your family.”

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