Felicity Marmaduke and her son from a dead man!

We don’t know if what he did Felicity Marmaduke it was a fetish or an abuse, we only found out that it was something terrifying and that he ended up in jail for it. Know the story.

Felicity Marmaduke38 years old, is a girl from Missouri who worked in a morgue, but who had a particular fetish.

A morgue worker was left pregnant with a dead

While cleaning a corpse, she noticed that it had an erection, so the girl did not hesitate to ‘seize the moment’. According to local newspapers, the woman had sex with him to the point that the dead man ejaculated, a very rare occurrence.

After a few weeks, during a medical examination, Felicity Marmaduke tested positive, to a pregnancy test! When she confessed to her doctor who was responsible, she was reported to the authorities for necrophilia and desecration of corpses.

According to local media, this is the photo of Felicity Marmaduke, the woman who became pregnant by a dead man, one of the rarest pregnancies in history

After being taken to jail and giving birth, the woman said she would sue the ‘victim’s’ family, in order to seek financial support. Incredible!

Taken from Twentysomething