Fat Fabiola is inconsolable by Lucero Gómez

They were best friends: Gorda Fabiola is inconsolable over the death of Lucero Gomez, actress Happy Saturdaysfrom Canal Caracol.

We were all taken by surprise this weekend by the news of the death of Lucero Gómez, actress of Happy SaturdaysWho else She is well remembered for her role as Minerva in temptations.

Gorda Fabiola is inconsolable for Lucero Gómez and posted this message

“My Loló of the soul. This was our last meeting. We shared lunch on Hugo Patiño’s birthday on March 7. Then the quarantine took us away and without saying a word everything stopped… even your life! So many memories, so many things lived… I always said you were stronger than me and look… you left! Aunt Sulelo… my beloved Aunt Sulelo. My Lolo.”

He posted, along with the following photo…

In addition, the Gordita could not contain her tears in an interview with the radio station Caracol Basic, remembering her best friend…

“We traveled a lot, we had a trip to the Holy Land pending that we had to postpone due to quarantine (…) She was the one who took me by the hand to do bariatric surgery (…) Why you and not me, if you were the most judicious?”

Said to the air crying

And it is that they were inseparable for decades. Watch one of his most famous scenes in Happy Saturdays, The Little Egg Sisters…

According to local media reports, Lucero died at the Méderi Clinic in Bogotá due to complications from an umbilical hernia that required emergency surgery. The actress suffered from diabetes.

And you, What is the role you most remember of Lucero Gómez? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your networks to say a last virtual goodbye to this great actress.