Fashionable toenail decoration, do you already know it?

If you love to always be perfect, this trendy toenail decoration is for you. Get inspired by her and look divine in sandals.

The girls who live in cold weather we are not used to painting our toenails unless we have a special event or go on a trip to the hot country.

That’s why when we do it, we usually just put on a color that we like and that’s it or we go to the beauty salon so that our feet look elegant if we have a party. We hardly think about fashion.

This is the fashion toenail decoration

Well, let’s do it, girls. The pedicure there are also trends that we must take into account when getting ready. For example, what is currently in vogue is paint the big toe nail differently.


If you’re a beginner and don’t want to risk too much, you can start by making subtle changes to your big toe nail, such as appliqués, ribbons, or more elaborate artwork, but in the same color.


Take a little more risk and start putting designs on that finger that complement (either by theme, tone or concept) the one you have on the rest of your nails.

Trendy high-contrast toenail art

Finally, you can launch to contrast the largest nail of your foot with the rest, painting something on it that has nothing to do with the others. It’s time to use your imagination, anything goes!

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With information from: The Cuddl