Fashion hair colors 2021 dare!

A new year begins and with it the opportunity to look renewed and unique. Give way to new changes with these trendy hair colors in this 2021.

Keep in mind that for each skin type there is a hair color. Get to know the best ones for you and the trends that the new year brings in style and beauty for hair. Give free rein to your desire to change by taking advantage of the opportunity to have a more modern and consistent look.

Flattering trends in 2021 for hair

To find a hair tone according to your style, you must take into account your physical features, your skin tone and your features, because not all of us have the same things, and that is a great advantage, because in this way, each puts its own brand.

According to the best colorists and experts in the field, these are the shades that will set the trend in 2021.


The perfect alternative for those who do not want to stop being brunettes, but want to wear a fantastic blonde. Use some bronde highlights (mix between brown and blonde) keeping a considerable root.

defined balayage

Take your color to another level, this trend applies very well to long hair that allows you to highlight the balayage with a fusion of light copper shades.

Toasted Coconut

Light up your face naturally with this coloring. It is a tribute to the originality and inner color of this tropical fruit with a few notes of sunshine, which give it that toasty finish.

Dark chocolate, a safe bet among the fashionable hair colors in this 2021

A light brown version with golden reflections that will undoubtedly be a trend this new year that begins. Achieve the success you want by appropriating this color and look confident with each of your looks.


This combination of dark red hair with soft carrot touches is sure to be the talk of the town. Some celebrities have already imposed it and it did not go badly for them.

pastel tones

Generate a sensation of volume in your hair with this bet. You can choose from a wide palette of options and play with the one that suits you best. This curious alternative came to prevail.

Toasted beer

This light brown with enough light and streaks of different lengths, owes its name to the typical color of the drink that we like so much. His original name is bright butterbeer that evokes the traditional butter beer that we met with Harry Potter.

And last in the list of fashionable hair colors in this 2021: Deep Black

Don’t think twice, if bleaching isn’t your thing, take advantage of this trend of darkening shades and wearing them with bright and challenging looks. Remember that black will always be an elegant option and will never go out of style.

now that you know trendy hair colors for this 2021, we would like you to let us know which one is your favorite, tell us in the comments and Do not forget to share this note with your friends!