Fashion blouses: How to combine this garment to look divine?

The smocks Fashion They are very versatile garments that you can combine in many ways to give your outfit a casual, elegant or flirtatious look… And much more! We show you how.

A smock is a kind of loose shirt or robe that is worn loose; it can be long or short and is usually fastened with buttons at the front; Although it was a garment that was normally worn over clothing to protect it in certain activities or professions, now that has changed and designers have already taken note.

Fashion blouses 2020 – 2021

This garment is so versatile that just by changing one garment with which you accompany it, you will already be giving your outfit a completely different style and that is why we show you here not only different types of blouses, but also how to combine each one of them.

long blouses

Many of the long smocks that are now more fashionable are short in the front and long in the back, forming a kind of train. You can combine them with jeans (blue or colored) or over a classic black dress.

And how about these smocks with straps?

Some blouses come with a strap, which can be of the same fabric and color as the garment, and helps to mark the hourglass figure, so attractive to the eye. If your blouse is not like that, you can use a thick patterned belt. Remember to make harmony with the accessories.

It also vibrates with…

printed blouses

Floral prints are the ones that are being used the most in these garments and you can combine them with basic colored pants, such as black, white or nude, in such a way that you do not steal attention from the figures of your blouse.

short blouses

If you like to show leg or you are in hot land, you can wear a blouse above the knee as if it were a dress; but if you are more conservative or you can’t stand the cold, you can always combine it with jeans.

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