Farina and Marc Anthony walk together: they call themselves «apotheosis»

Farina and Marc Anthony walk together. At least that was revealed by the paisa artist in an image with the Puerto Rican in a recording studio, which she would suggest that they prepare some work together.

The former participant of the singing reality show on Canal RCN, X Factor, continues to reap success abroad and proof of this is that his most recent songs are positioned at the top of the international charts. The artist has evolved over time and this is demonstrated in changes of look in which Farina even showed the wildest side of her to the fans and left them speechless.

Now, the urban singer rubs shoulders with the heavyweights of the music industry in Miami and in recent days, she has surprised through her social networks because a photo she shared would show that she may soon release a single with the salsa artist Marc Anthony.

Farina and Marc Anthony walk together and call themselves «apotheosis»

The one born in Medellín has been repeatedly releasing songs that have become hits. To fuel the expectation of a supposed job together with the Puerto Rican, Farina published a photo in which she poses next to Marc Anthony, while they smile together embracing each other inside a recording studio:

In the snapshot, the fine girl, as Farina is also known, comments directly to the artist: “Maestro Marc Anthony I have to tell my followers that I found the first artist who, like me, was born on September 16, we are tremendous! #TeamVirgo”. Once he made the publication, many fans began to imagine what a duet song by these two artists would be like and left comments of all kinds for both singers:

“OMG, what a thrill to see them together 😢”

«We want a song of the 2 together please, rather we need it ❤️🙌💃»

«Together 😱omg something great is coming I know»

Although it is not official that the two artists are preparing a song, it is known that the Colombian would be in the creative process to surprise her fans with new music.

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