Farewell letter for my boyfriend, words to say goodbye

If you think it’s time to say goodbye, these are some good ideas for goodbye letter to my boyfriend. They will serve you a lot!

Sometimes love stories come to an end, because they are impossible loves or simply because they couldn’t be. In those cases, the phrases for when a relationship ends They can be the way to get everything you feel out of yourself and begin to mourn that person who left.

Of course, you have to find the right words to say goodbye to the person you once felt love for and here we give you some ideas.

Farewell letter for my boyfriend that we broke up

Love can’t do everything, that’s why many times we find impossible loves, stories that end because love is over or couples that have to say goodbye before time. That’s why with these letters you can tell him the perfect words to say goodbye.

I love you but I let you go

The frustration ended our relationship, have you thought about what you caused me with your deceit and your vile lies. If what I gave you was not enough, because you never said so, what compelled you to be with me? Maybe you didn’t even know, because when I left your life you tried to beg me. You were very clear about your reasons for breaking my heart. Every night I waited for you, every day I called you, pleasing you was my life and my longing, that is absolutely not enough for you. I think it’s unnecessary for you to keep looking for me, trying to get me to forgive you, I’m not some worthless object. I was thinking if I would come back again, believe me I was tempted to say a new yes, I’ve thought, in your life next to mine, I clearly know now that I can’t forgive you. Goodbye is not enough to say what I no longer want with you, I lack affection and you never gave it to me, goodbye.

I must say goodbye

When you are in love, you think that problems are just setbacks, eventualities that you overcome thanks to the feelings that you share with the person you love. Unfortunately when you are in a relationship you discover that there are a limited number of opportunities, a small amount that we continuously waste in our ignorance. I don’t know what moment was the one that consumed the last of our basket, but I do know that we will never be able to fill it again as we had so longed for in the past. Now that I have made this decision, I can only ask that the goodbye of our relationship be like the beginning: calm, without rushing the words that want to come out of our lips. We both want to tell each other many things, perhaps blame each other that don’t exist, but a farewell where hate is the prevailing note would only make the only thing we have left fail. And it is that, despite the fact that we will no longer enjoy each other, the memory of those opportunities will be for me the greatest of my treasures.

Farewell letter for my boyfriend who does not value me

When things are not going well and the time comes when you open your eyes to separate yourself from that person who hurt you, these words will be the right ones to express your feelings.

Because of betrayal

I didn’t want to write you even the slightest hello, greeting you was always an excuse to forgive you. You hurt me so much and I always forgive you. If I am writing to you today, it is for a reason and it is not among them to return and continue our relationship again. You do not know how much I cried and how many seas with those tears I filled, whether it is exaggerated or not, you caused me so much damage and I have never found an answer to my forgiveness. I am also aware that it causes you great harm and hurts you a lot. You cheated and betrayed me, you ended the flame of love that I had, you poured amounts of water on the fire, the stupidest thing was that you wanted to light it and it was impossible for you. You treated our love like a game, I longed for you like my eternal love. The end of this is to say goodbye to you and I never want to see you again, a thousand pardons, I know that right now you love me like I once loved you, with intensity, fury and alcoholic desire. I will miss you forever, as you always miss a dog or a simple bird that comes to sing you a sweet song every morning. I don’t hate you but I won’t forgive you anymore, you failed me and you know it.

Farewell letter for my boyfriend who is going away

If due to different circumstances in life, that love that you thought was going to be eternal, but now it must go away. You will find the correct words in these farewell letters for your boyfriend.

Love good trip

I want to give you a big hug and a long kiss before you go, hoping that they will last until your return. I know that I will miss you with all my might, that the days will pass very slowly without you, but I know that this trip is necessary and I just want you to be happy. I’ll be waiting for you here, my love, don’t forget me. I know that it will not only be difficult for me to have you away, but even more difficult for you because you are leaving home, leaving your friends and me. You may feel lonely but don’t worry, I know that soon you will get used to it and life will be easier for you. I will be here waiting for you and supporting you always, you know that I will be available for you, love, no matter the time or the day. You still haven’t left and I miss you, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have you far away. I will be strong, love, because I want you to go quietly, knowing that I support you and that you can always count on me. I love you and that is not going to change, the time you spend away I will show it to you.

You still haven’t left and I miss you, I can’t imagine what it will be like when I have you far away. I will be strong, love, because I want you to go quietly, knowing that I support you and that you can always count on me. I love you and that is not going to change, the time you spend away I will show it to you. My love, I hope you have a good trip and that things go as you expect. Remember that I love you very much and that I am waiting for you here with open arms. I’m going to need you a lot. There are only a few hours left for you to go on a trip and my heart feels very sad, but I will have to be strong and endure your absence for a few days. I love you and I hope everything goes well for you.

Farewell love letter to my boyfriend

There are stages that can be closed with loving overcoming phrases to heal the heart and move on; but if what you want is to express to your ex your feelings of farewell with a few short phrases but with a lot of meaning, here we give you some ideas.

  • When we started this relationship I never thought it would end this way, but I guess things rarely turn out the way you expect.
  • It’s funny how easy it was to say hello, and how complicated it is going to be to have to say goodbye.
  • Today we say goodbye, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power so that one day we can meet again.
  • I guess today our destinies separate, I just hope that one day we can cross paths again.
  • Although we will never be together again, I want you to know that I will always have you in my heart, do not doubt that.

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