Fanny Lu and Valentina, her daughter, are like two peas in a pod!

The singer Fanny Lu and Valentina, her daughter, are very similar, or so they tell the jury of The voice every time you share a picture with your little one.

Although few people know about Fanny Lu’s family life, the truth is that she is a devoted mother to her two children: Mateo and Valentina.

But although she adores Mateo, her eldest son, the girl, the youngest, is the spoiled one. Everyone says that it is her clone, because they are very similar!

More tender photos of Fanny Lu and Valentina

Fanny Lu overflows love for his little girlthat’s evident on the rare occasions she posts photos of the two of them on her Instagram.

Also, he fills her with kisses and words of affection. We already understand why he gets along so well with the participants of The voice Kidsknows how to win over children!

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