Famous Colombians who participated in foreign reality shows

There are several Colombian celebrities who participated in foreign reality shows and they had outstanding performances regardless of whether they hit the jackpot or not.

Colombian artists stand out for their talent and charisma in different fields. Sometimes, these celebrities have decided to cross borders and go to different countries to be part of reality shows of all kinds, with the sole purpose of entertaining viewers and teaching them a little about what the national flavor and culture is.

We are going to show you which Hollywood celebrities are most loved by the public and also remind you of the passage of some Creole personalities through game shows in the world:

Gregorio Pernia

Recently, the actor and former participant of Master Chef Celebrity He was trying his luck for handyman lands in the program That’s how you dance Pernía, participating together with his daughter, Luna del Mar, was installed in the grand finale showing that he is hard at hitting tile and following any musical rhythm.

Matthew Carvajal

The winner of one of the versions of The challenge Superhuman and former partner of Melina Ramírez, he was also measured to compete representing the country abroad. Mateo, was part of the version of Exathlon Mexico in which he was recognized for giving everything in the tests and competing against any rival.


The former member of the urban music group Piso 21, went with everything to conquer the hearts of the Latin public in the United States. The paisa was part reality Your face is familiar to me, representing a foundation in order to earn money to donate to a social cause.

Daniel Vargas

The tik toker, youtuber and digital influencer has been based in Mexico for some time and was given the tick of being in the house of the famous, reality produced by Telemundo. At just 25 years old, he has already managed to garner more than 2.5 million followers and consolidate himself as one of the most relevant content creators on the continent.

Alexander Tamayo

The paisa who tried himself as an actor after passing through the reality show Novel Protagonists in 2012, and in Warriors In 2018, he found his place in the world by becoming an influencer on the networks. Alejandro was part of the program The power of love in Ecuador, in which several men from different countries were looking for the woman of their lives in a studio house.


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