Family constellations: This is what you should know about them

If you have ever heard of family constellations, surely you will be very curious to understand what they are about. Here we explain what they consist of and what they would serve you for in your life.

Human beings naturally live in groups, that is why for us as individuals the people with whom we share are very important, and the family is the first and main community to which we belong. It is no secret to anyone that the relationship we have with our family nucleus not only marks our present, but also determines our future; but we have to be aware of it to begin to understand ourselves and improve emotional aspects of our lives.

What are family constellations and what are they for?

Family constellations are an alternative view of relationships developed by Bert Hellinger, German philosopher and therapist, which is based on systemic psychological therapy, which addresses the individual’s problems through their relationships with others. This therapeutic approach provides an approach to the family as a system, revealing the dynamics that may be generating family conflicts.

Can family constellations help us heal the relationship with our parents?

In the following interview, family constellation expert John Jairo Saldarriaga explains how our relationship with our parents can affect various aspects of our lives as adults, from relationships to work performance. Also, he chats with Karen Vinasco and Carlos Vargas about transgenerational conflicts, the influence they would have on our behavior and why it is necessary to heal them.

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