Falcao García’s wife spoke of separation for the first time

Lorelei TaronFalcao García’s wife, surprised her on her social networks by speaking openly about a topic such as separation.

Lorelei and Falcao have stood out as one of the most stable couples in the entertainment world, which is why many of their followers were surprised when she spoke of separation. However, everything happened because she wanted to answer some questions from her followers.

Lorelei Tarón spoke with her followers about the separation

Lorelei Tarón left everyone with their mouths open when she talked about a topic that seemed almost impossible for her to touch: marital crisis and separation. The singer also wanted to get closer to her followers and that is why she did the dynamics of questions and answers on her official Instagram account. Apparently there was one that caught his attention and it was «Have you ever thought about separating from Falcao?».

To which Lorelei responded in a way that many considered quite successful All couples go through crises.. marriage is not always easy, but I think that when one has God everything is different. Love and forgiveness always have to go hand in hand. The family is God’s best design to show his glory”. In this way, he made it clear that in the face of difficulties, he always seeks to be close to his beliefs and that is why they are a fairly stable couple.

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