Falcao as you have never seen it

We give the use we want to social networks and celebrities do know how to do it, sometimes we mortals believe that networks are only for talking about serious issues and not for fun.

We know that Tigre Falcao is a great character and an outstanding athlete in the world, but nothing can prevent him from having fun in real life and even more so if he does it with his wife and children.

His wife Lorelei shared an image on his social networks in which he appears as we have never seen him before, with wigs, makeup and a very nice attitude.

Could it be that Falcao is preparing to celebrate Halloween with his family? For now, the image is hilarious and that’s why we want to share it with you.

We clarify that we found a strange similarity with a character from the movie «Shrek forever», or not?

One more reason to love Tigre Falcao, we love his attitude!