Fails in virtual classes that these children will not forget

We share a top of fails in virtual classes and home school that started well, but ended in funny, awkward, or scary ways.

The pandemic caused by covid-19 forced millions of people around the world to confine themselves to their homesso both parents, students and teachers had to manage to continue with the educational processes remotely.

This brought about some unexpected consequences, such as the child cleverly avoiding his classes, as well as some funny mistakes caught on cameraand there is everything.

The best fails in virtual classes with children

Although some schools returned to the classroom in 2021, as long as the vast majority of the world’s population is not vaccinated, classes will remain online for some timethat is why we will continue to come across muddy spots like these, which we hope will not traumatize any of these little ones.

Lots of homework

How many tasks are too many for a child who is in elementary school? For many children, the work to do at home can be overwhelming, especially in quarantine, when they spend it, like adults, in front of a screen. That’s what happens to this little guy.

That nice family!

Her teacher and the whole class saw this little girl’s tremendous fight with someone who would surely be very scared.

I don’t understand shit

In this class we applaud the boy’s honesty, although the teacher did not agree with the excess of honesty.

What a scare! kids class hacked

The following class went out of control when it was hacked. The children got scared and started crying on screen. There was nothing funny about this little joke.

religion workshop

Be careful, it’s not the same verse as testicle and this religion teacher can’t help laughing.

dad in underwear

For things like these, it is necessary to notify that the virtual class has already started, and that everyone in the house finds out.

Teacher’s husband in underpants

The husband of this teacher showed up in his underpants and since he didn’t know what to do to get out of the scene, he ended up having an accident.

naked wife

But men are not the only ones who have gone naked in front of the camera; this time it was the teacher’s wife who had a great oversight.

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