Factor X returns to Colombia and these are the audition dates

The X Factor return to Colombia with a renewed version and the cities are preparing to receive the auditions that are the prelude to the live galas.

This singing format had its first broadcast in the country on September 12, 2005. Since then, artists who managed to win the hearts of Colombians such as Julio Meza, Farina, Siam and recently , Madeira. Also, the group of jurors made up of Marbelle, José Gaviria, Juan Carlos Coronel, Rosana and Piso 21, have been able to find the best talents in the country.

The most recent edition of the program had the winner of Factor X as Madeiro, from the category of José Gaviria and now, the dates of the auditions have been announced. 5 cities in the country will receive the qualifying rounds of the contest program that, on this occasion, will bring news for viewers and participants.

Factor X returns to Colombia and these are the audition dates

With the promise of finding the new figure of Colombian music, the program will visit the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Cali. Artists who want to demonstrate their abilities will be able to perform in Cali on September 21, on September 26 the call will arrive in Bucaramanga, on October 1 it will be in Medellín, on October 6 it will arrive in Barranquilla, while in Bogotá, the closing will be will give on October 11.

Before going to stand in line, you should know that there is a first filter. Fill out the form found on the RCN Channel page, with the basic data of personal information and the category to which it will be presented. From the RCN Channel itself, people are reminded that they should not pay for the registration or for the subsequent presentation in front of the juries.

In addition, during the next edition, the great novelty will be that a new category is added. This time, the participants will be divided into: Men from 16 to 29 years old, Women from 16 to 29 years old, Seniors (for those over 29 years old) and Groups.

What is still unknown is whether the group of judges will be the same as in the previous version, with Rosana, José Gaviria and Piso 21, or whether there will be new mentors to accompany the contestants.

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