Fabiola Posada is slimmer than ever! He is to blame…

This man is to blame for how our famous chubby girl from Happy Saturdays looks now. Because Fabiola Posada is slimmer and healthier.

Although La Gorda Fabiola owes her nickname and much of her fame to being overweight, this it had become a life-threatening problem.

Fabiola Posada is thinner, now she is curvy

That is why for some time decided to lose weightand although she had some inconveniences that had her hospitalized, she finally got it.

Let us remember that recently he shared with his followers the joy of having finally reached a healthy weight.

Precisely on this subject was his most recent publication on Instagram, which he dedicated to the doctor who helped him in his process.

To this man @andresospina_md I owe my new look, my figure and my health! I’m out of the obesity range… now I’m curvy. Wow. He helped me say goodbye to diabetes, high blood pressure and all the ailments we experience when we are overweight. Always by my side. I LOVE IT MY DOC

As we were able to verify, Dr. Andrés Ospina J. is a Bariatric Surgeon, a pioneer in performing this procedure in Bogotá. Bariatric surgery is a surgical slimming technique indicated for overweight patients.

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