Eyeliner template… They finally invented it!

If you are like us, who have a maraquero pulse and suffer every time we have to line our eyes, you will love this invention.

Lining your eyes can be quite a challenge. Our hand trembles and the line on our eyelids, which should be straight, curved or oval, becomes a winding and choppy zigzag path.

Many of us help ourselves with homemade tricks, such as putting on a sticky tape, outlining ourselves with homemade cardboard templates… We even use rulers! Nothing works: either we develop a good pulse or we end up with a mess of the eyes.

Someone finally listened to our pleas and invented an eyeliner stencil that works. Ok, we know that you could get products that offered something like that, but they really weren’t very effective. This, the March Liner.Designer, It seems to work, according to its own creators…

As if it were a guide, this stencil promises to help you precisely outline your eyes, protect your eyelids when you apply eyelash and even draw your mouth in detail. Its shape, very similar to the nail used by guitarists, has 3 sides for different types of lines, and it comes in a nice case with a mirror.

It will interest you: What shade of eyeliner to use for each eye color?

Will it be achieved in Colombia? We don’t know, but we won’t be long in finding out. What do you think of this invention? would you use it Or do you prefer to borrow your guitarist cousin the nail with which he plucks the strings of his instrument…. Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea.