Eye, these are the most common phrases of married people

In the constant search for a perfect man, we sometimes find the one we believe to be unique, only with small details such as “he is already married”.

It is frustrating to find such a divine man and find out that he already has an owner, oops, it has surely happened to us and the worst thing is when we begin to hope as they tell us their lies.

You must be careful with these people because, if you have really fallen in love, you will end up suffering like never before.

There are some typical phrases of these men when trying to seduce. Generally, they tell you their marital problems, how bad they are with their wife, and other lies to make you their victim.

#1 “My wife is very ambitious, everything is based on money”

#2 “My wife does not understand me, she is very jealous”

#3 “You are what I always looked for”

#4 “My marriage was destroyed a long time ago… since before you arrived”

#5 “Give me time to separate”

#6 «I haven’t felt anything for her in a long time»

#7 “I continue with her only for my children”

#8 «He doesn’t treat me well»

#9 “We no longer sleep in the same room”

#10 “He was unfaithful to me”

#11 “He neglects me, his social life is more important than me”

#12 “She left, got fat and the magic ended”

There are many more lies, you just have to open your eyes and begin to question a little more those situations that you notice are strange, since they are still happily married while we became «the lover» or «the second». His wife usually has all the comforts and security of home while you’re on the run and seeing him in clandestine places.

Open your eyes!

Taken from Wittyfeed