Eye makeup for brunettes: amazing trends

The eye makeup for brunettes It has new trends that are very functional because now, fashion is prioritizing naturalness and giving it a few touches of contrast to make it very striking.

Putting on make-up is becoming more and more important, but simpler. Even social networks have also revolutionized makeup because tutorials are the preferred way for women to learn many tricks to impress with their eyes.

If you have been looking for recommendations to make a cute unicorn makeup or want to get up to date in the universe of fashion and color, we share the trends for eye makeup for women with brown skin. Take note:

Natural eye makeup for brown skin

type makeup soft they are furious. Shadows in earthy or warm shades like orange on the upper eyelid can make your eyes stand out much more if you blend the tear duct area, you’ll look gorgeous!

eye makeup shadows for brunettes

This is a trend that is stealing attention in the world. The combinations of intense colors in coral, pink and gold ranges are brutal because when mixed, they contrast with the brown skin color and manage to melt around the eyes, projecting a more luminous face.

Eye makeup for brunettes during the day

On the day, makeup should be as clean as possible and without overloading the eyelids with colors that are too vibrant. A good recommendation is to use metallic tones in a gold or ocher palette, so you can play with a light base and highlight your features.

Evening eye makeup for brunettes

The eyelids also require textures. For night makeup, it is vital that you add shine that could be reflected in a mixture of a dark shadow with a metallic and/or frosty one that separates it from the bottom of the eyelid and gives it a relief effect. This technique will make the eyes look bigger.

Simple eye makeup for brunettes

Other look that can be very easy to do and very attractive, it is one that draws attention to the eyelids with coral colors only on the upper part and with natural eyelashes; It is definitely very fresh and ideal for any occasion.

Do you want to know how to do eye makeup in just 5 steps? You are going to love these secrets.