Exercises to lift buttocks that you can do at home

if they urge you glute lift exercises and that do not need machines or implements, we have them here for you in a tutorial! Put them into practice.

The gluteus is one of the most important muscles in the body and that is why you have to exercise it. Not only does it allow us to move around, but it is also essential for good posture and avoid back pain.

But let’s not lie to ourselves, we want to feel good about ourselves, look in the mirror and send spikes to a round and well-toned butt.

That is why we share some exercises for glutes fallenthanks to which you will be able to strengthen, tone and mold them so that they look divine with those jeans you bought.

Exercises to lift buttocks, recommended by an expert

donkey kick

Get on all fours and with your hands at shoulder height and your knees at hip height, raise your left leg back, as if you were kicking, contracting your gluteus. Switch legs.

side raise

In the same previous position, instead of kicking backwards, you do the same movement, but laterally, exerting force on your buttocks. First one leg and then the other.

Extended leg circle (one of the most unknown exercises to lift buttocks)

Now, extend your leg behind you, trace a semicircle to the opposite side and return. He alternates this movement, first with the left leg and then the right.

Trainer Leidy Reina, from Golden Trainers, explains them in detail in the following video…

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