Exercises for wide hips that you can do at home

With these training for wide hips you can show off a curvaceous figure in a few weeks, and in your own home!

For many people, size and volume, as such, are not as important as the waist-to-hip ratio, that is, that typical figure of Latinas that resembles an hourglass.

Staying in shape is possible and easier than you think. Currently there are hundreds of routines that can help you have an enviable figure and the best thing, you can do them in any space.

workout routine for wide hips

Whether you have wide hips and want to tone, shape or burn fat in them or, on the contrary, you need to increase their size, these home exercises will help you.

side leg raise

Holding onto a sturdy chair with your opposite hand, raise your right leg as far as it will go without bending your knee. Do 10 repetitions on each side.

the bridge

Lying on your back and with your knees bent, arms and hands extended downward for support, lift your pelvis as high as you can and squeeze your buttocks. Do 10 repetitions.

side donkey kick

You already know the traditional donkey kick; it is the same but you give it completely to the side, keeping the knee flexed. Do 10 on each side. If you have elastic bands, you can use them in this exercise.

plie squats

You do them like a normal squat, but using a position similar to the plié in ballet, with your knees bent slightly outward and your toes turned slightly outward.

Leg circles, the latest exercise for wide hips

Put a chair in front of you and lie on your back; raise your legs together with your knees slightly. Make big circles around the chair. 10 for one side and 10 for the other.

doWhat other exercise would you include on this list? Have you done any of them? Leave your answers in the comments of the note and do not forget to share it on your social networks, your friends will appreciate it.

With information from: food.ndtv