Excuses they tell us when they don’t want to see us anymore

The following list will show us that definitely all men are the same and we will see it with the excuses they give us when they don’t want to see us anymore.

Mariel Reimmann shared a list of these excuses on the web Families.Com and we wanted to share them with you because surely you have heard more than one of them.

Note that in most of them he puts himself as the culprit, this being the reason for not deserving our love, but the truth, as Mariel says, is that their enthusiasm has passed and they seek to finish without looking bad.

Take note of them and tell us how many times you have heard these excuses, here.

1. The thing is that I have been very busy

2. Right now, I am not interested in a relationship.

3. My heart has been broken and I need time to heal

4. I have never been able to commit

5. It is not convenient for you to fall in love with me, because I can end up hurting you

6. I hate talking on the phone and texting

7. I met someone else and I want to try it with her

8. I have other goals right now and being in a relationship is not one of them.

9. I find it difficult to tie myself to a single woman

10. I would like us to take things with less hurry

11. I am not the man you deserve to have in your life right now

12. Everything is new in my life and I need time

13. I don’t think I’m who you’re looking for

14. My family demands a lot of my time

15. I realized that being in a relationship is not my thing, I need to be single

16. I don’t want to destroy our friendship

With information from Families.Com