Evaluna’s first boyfriend before Camilo, he is also a singer

Already We have talked about Camilo’s ex-girlfriend before Evaluna and we saw that they have similaritiesHowever, Evaluna’s first boyfriend also has a certain similarity to Camilo.

Before Camilo, Evaluna was dating a young man named Andrés Parra, the one he met in Colombia when Ricardo Montaner was sworn in ‘The voice Kids’ in the year 2013.

Was part of the contest ‘The voice Kids’ under the advice of Fanny Lu reaching the semifinal where the winner was Miranda, Ricardo Montaner’s participant.

Andrés is a singer, actor and composerIn addition, his tone of voice is particularly very similar to that of the interpreter of ‘Indigo’.

Andrés Parra, Evaluna’s first boyfriend

Andrés is currently opening the Bacilos tour in Venezuela, and recently participated in the production of Caracol Television in the 2020 version of ‘Amar y Vivir’.

Evaluna’s relationship with Andrés Parra lasted about a year and had a good acceptance among the Montaner family.

Nevertheless, their commitments, agendas and the distance did not allow them to go ahead with their romancesince Evaluna had to move to Los Angeles.

Up to now, Andrés is the first boyfriend Evaluna has met, since in 2015 was when she started dating Camilo, her current husband.

Did you know about the relationship between Evaluna and Andrés Parra? Tell us if you have seen him act or sing and how do you think what he does.