Evaluna showed Camilo’s chocolate bar

Ricardo Montaner’s daughter recently aroused the envy of many women on social networks, the reason? Evaluna showed Camilo’s chocolate bar.

“Blessed and lucky” This is how they told Evaluna after publishing an image of her husband Camilo Echeverry while he practiced exercises outdoors.

The photograph was quickly filled with comments, many of them surprised by the body that the singer seldom shows. «Favourite».

Evaluna showed off Camilo’s bodyjust as he has done other times and the truth is that he achieved his goal, he showed that her husband is very good.

Evaluna showed Camilo’s chocolate bar

With the text «Tribe, you’re welcome»Evaluna shared the image in which Camilo looks surprised by his red-handed photo.

Definitely, many girls thanked Evaluna for the image of Camilo showing a great body.

The image achieved more than a million «Like» and countless comments that no one expected, It shows that Evaluna has a good hand!

Only a few months ago Camilo and Evaluna got married and since the pandemic began, the couple has not left Ricardo Montaner’s house in Miami.

Searching their networks we did not find a photo similar to the one shared by Evaluna, except for this one and the truth is, it looks very different.

Did you imagine that Camilo had such an attractive body? Or does he look like a normal body to you…

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