Evaluna is closer to giving birth according to Ricardo Montaner

An imprudence of Ricardo Montaner exposed his daughter Evaluna for she is closer to giving birth to her Indigo baby.

In a recent publication made on their social networks the interpreter of ‘He is going to miss me’ made it clear that the date on which her daughter’s baby would be born is close.

But it is not the first time that details of Indigo’s birth have been revealed due to an indiscretion, in 2021 Montaner himself said that the baby would be born in March or April 2022.

Almost, almost… Evaluna is closer to giving birth

Obviously Ricardo Montaner’s publication generated all kinds of reactions and responses from his fans, as well as some artist friends.

And while the date of Indigo’s arrival arrives, everyone wonders, will it be a boy or will it be a girl? Regarding this, Evaluna’s mother had also said that she would be a girl.

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