Evaluna changed her look and divided opinions among her fans

Evaluna changed her look and the opinions of her followers on networks were divided between those who loved her new style and those who preferred her with her previous image.

Without a doubt, the actress and singer is one of the most mediatic youth figures and whatever she does arouses the interest of her millions of fans on the networks. Recently, Evaluna was criticized for posing in a bikini and was asked if she was not a Christian, since some believe that her tattoos and sexy clothes that she sometimes wears are not consistent with the beliefs that she herself has professed in the moment of her

To break all the molds, the youngest daughter of singer-songwriter Ricardo Montaner decided to turn her image around and although it was not an extreme change, she was seen with a new haircut and color that divided opinions on networks among those who liked it. the idea and to whom not so much.

Evaluna changed her look and divided opinions among her fans on networks

On her own Instagram account, where she has more than 16 million followers, the Venezuelan published a series of photos in which she proudly shows off her new appearance.

In these images, her hair is clearly shorter, on her shoulders, when before her hair almost exceeded the middle of her back. In addition, her new look includes a dyed in a dark tone, almost black, with which she left behind her natural color, which was brown. In the snapshots, Evaluna simply dared to say «I cut it and painted it juas😏».

The young artist took longer to publish the photos than her fans to start commenting on them! Many of them applauded and supported her change of style, but others said that they preferred the previous and somewhat more tender image of Evaluna:

“You look beautiful with any look 🔥🥰”

“Nooo 😢”

“😢😢 your hair Eva 😢”

«She looks like rapunzel when they cut her hair 🥺🥺»

«I don’t believe how good it looks on you ❤️🔥»

“I love your security. 😍😍😍”

«Seriously, what’s wrong with this girl?»

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