Evaluate in a bikini? Since we didn’t know her

Much has been said about the beautiful daughter of Ricardo Montaner and wife of Camilo Echeverry, their marriage and even their projects, but it is the first time that we see Evaluna in a bikini after a long time.

The truth is that it is no secret to anyone that Evaluna is a very beautiful woman, but she is very conservative when it comes to publishing scantily clad images, ffinally it is a quality that places it in a special place.

Evaluna recently published an image on her Instagram account in which she appears in a black bikini and in her publication she confirms that it was Camilo himself who took the photograph.

This is the photo of Evaluna in a bikini

The photo is part of the production of Camilo’s recent video called «Favourite»song in which he makes an allusion to the body of his wife Evaluna.

The curious thing about this fact is that we gave his instagram account and she doesn’t have many photographs of Evaluna in a bikini.

In almost all her publications near the sea or the beach, she always appears wearing shorts and a bikini bra, which means that she is a conservative woman, perhaps because of her beliefs.

Since her marriage to Camilo Echeverry, with whom she had a 5-year dating relationship, this would be the first time that the singer and actress appears in a bikini.

Proud of her relationship, Evaluna accompanied the image with the following text: «My husband says that my body is his favorite place, since ‘Favorite’ has already come out, I upload this photo taken by him, while we were recording the video.»

The photograph of Evaluna in a bikini was quickly filled with many «I like it» and comments that flatter her beautiful figure.

With information from SuperLike