Estefanía Borge’s spinach omelet went wrong

To the actress from Cartagena Estefanía Borge the dish he prepared for his lunch went wrong and shared it on their social networks.

Estefanía is very popular on Instagram for showing her fitness lifestyle and also for sharing the healthy dishes that she prepares herself.

Let us remember that for his cooking skills she was one of the finalists of the Masterchef Celébrity program that Piter Albeiro won.

Nevertheless, recently had an accident trying to make a spinach omelet for her lunch.

Estefi wanted to try a new iron pan to prepare her tortilla and the result was a disaster.

Why did Estefanía Borge’s preparation go wrong?

From the beginning the actress said «to be afraid» to release the utensil and before the result preferred to try with a non-stick pan.

His second attempt was perfect

What do you think was the mistake that Estefania made when preparing her tortilla? Leave your opinion in the comments.