Estefanía Borge appeared in a bikini and followers were surprised by her figure

Stephanie Borge She always surprises with her statuesque figure, but this time she left more than one with their mouths open by appearing in a bikini.

One of the celebrities of the national show business that has always stood out for having a tremendous body is Estefanía Borge. The actress has always shown on her social networks that with proper nutrition and exercise she can have a fairly healthy body.

Estefanía Borge shone on her social networks posing in a bikini

It turns out that the actress published a photo on her Instagram account where she appeared wearing a tiny swimsuit that highlighted her figure. There her followers could see that she is going through one of her best moments, as she sports a toned figure and impressive curves.

Of course, the image that quickly reached more than 32 thousand «likes» was accompanied by a message where he assured “Days of days… Rest, family, friends, food and a lot of wine with beer” And to that were added hundreds of comments from his followers who did not miss the opportunity to send flirty messages to Estefanía.

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