Esperanza Gómez could launch herself into politics, would you give her your vote?

Hope Gomez Recognized for her success in adult film, she assured that they offered her to pay for her campaign so that she would run for politics.

Just as Caterine Ibargüen surprised when she ran for the Senate with the U party, Esperanza Gómez has more than one thinking about whether or not she will be part of Colombian politics. The adult film actress has spoken on different occasions about some problems that the country is experiencing, so many believe that she could go for a public position.

Esperanza Gómez clarified whether or not she will launch into politics

On different occasions, many have assured that Esperanza Gómez would be thinking of campaigning to enter Congress. However, she herself decided to clarify her doubts, so in the middle of an interview with an entertainment program she assured that she would not like to participate in politics. “They say that I am the one who is approaching and I am looking to enter politics and at no time have I looked because I have always said it, politics, for me, is dirty”.

The actress mentioned that she likes to speak openly about everything she thinks about some situations that occur in Colombia, but that she would never go where “There are thieves and there are swindlers”. In addition, he took the opportunity to tell his followers that they have proposed it several times “A senator told me that if I was interested (…) they generated the training for me, supported me throughout the process, put up the money for the campaign, everything. But to me that topic, the truth, has not interested me « but she prefers to continue earning a lot of money in something that she really likes and where she feels comfortable.

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