Esperanza Gómez and other celebrities that Mockus made peel cul…

Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Esperanza Gómez and Santiago Rendón: three celebrities who supported Mockus after peeling the cu… Look what they did.

Scandalized, this is how many sectors of our beloved Colombia were left by the gesture of the senator of the Green Alliance Antanas Mockus, who in full act of inauguration decided to drop his pants to ask for silence to the auditorium.

Why did Antanas Mockus drop his pants in front of the presidency of the Senate? Here the answer

– Capital Channel (@CapitalChannel) July 20, 2018

It is not the first time that this politician shows his butt to attract attention; let’s remember that andn 1993 he made exactly the same gesture in the León de Greiff Auditorium of the National University when he was principal. At the time of his, the fame for his pedagogical act catapulted him to the mayor’s office of Bogotá.

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25 years later, his lowering of pants was not received favorably by many sectors of society, which led to a wave of support on social networks with the numeral «everyone to peel their asses» (#todosapelarelculo); aSome of these trills were celebrities from the Creole show.

Famous that Mockus made peel cul …

The first to peel buttocks was Margaret Rose of Francis

Everybody kick ass. Here mine with patriotic pride because it has cost me a lot.

– Margarita Rosa (@Margaritarosadf) July 21, 2018

Comedian Santiago Rendon was not far behind…

I collaborate there.

— Santiago Rendon (@santorendon) July 22, 2018

Former House Representative Victor Correa He also showed his support for Antanas…

#AllAPelarElCulo I join @Margaritarosadf in solidarity with @AntanasMockushis act in Congress is one of necessary rebellion in a space where the word has little value, he said more with this action than many congressmen in their empty speeches. #ThanksMockus

– Victor Correa (@VictorJCorreaV) July 21, 2018

Support from Daniel Samper-Ospina It was quite lively…

#AllAPelarElCulo new character in #MyFuckingGame… They find it at the level of Congress…

– Daniel Samper Ospina (@DanielSamperO) July 21, 2018

And to finish off with a flourish, the adult film actress Hope Gomez He also took advantage of the trend to show his four letters…

With the #allappearelculo I thought they were talking about me… Hehehehe. I send you lots of kisses and if you want to see how I do it and not just the ass, go to kisses

— Esperanza Gomez (@EsperanzaGomez) July 21, 2018

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