Epa Colombia would pay a $472 million fine selling gummies

Through some videos in stories, Epa Colombia revealed that it would pay a $472 million fine selling gummies

On August 12, the Superior Court of Bogotá sentenced Daneidy Barrera, Epa Colombia, to 63 months and 15 days in jail (ie more than 5 years behind bars). This, due to the acts of vandalism that he committed against a Transmilenio station during the student marches that took place in Bogotá in September 2019.

In this regard, the businesswoman shared a video in which she was quite affected, assuring that since that same year she not only recognized her mistake but also wanted to correct the damage caused by contacting said transport companies to reach an agreement, even suggesting educational campaigns and damage payments.


Unfortunately, these options were denied to him in each place and today he faces a tough process that ended with the sentence ordered by the court, to which he must also add the payment of a millionaire fine.

Epa Colombia would pay a $472 million fine selling hair care gummies

Although this was a hard blow for her, with all the attitude and the desire to get ahead, Daneidy appeared this Tuesday through her Instagram stories telling that He already got down to work to be able to pay the large fine of 472 million pesoswhich At first it was more than 800 million, but the judge reduced it by 50%.

In order to meet this payment in the shortest possible time and be able to resume her job to continue creating employment with her keratin business, the influencer decided to launch some gummies for hair care, some for growth, others for hair loss, among other benefits, which he hopes to sell as soon as possible with the support of his followers.

“I want to launch thousands of products to pay everything I have to pay and to continue growing. This has hit me hard…”

He reported that early in the morning he left for the laboratory to work on the massive production of biotin gummiesall this thanks to the fact that he received permission from Invima (National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance) for distribution.

In the same way heand explained to his 4 million followers that for the proper functioning of the product, at least two gummies must be consumed and in 8 days the results will be reflected.

Finally Daneidy Barrera said that had been planning to give a farm with cows and chickens to his father, but due to the millionaire fine that must be paidwas forced to postpone the delivery of this wonderful gift for a while.

Here are their statements:

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