Epa Colombia will once again launch banknotes in Bogotá and Cundinamarca

Through insta stories, Epa Colombia announced that it will reissue banknotes in two sectors of Bogotá and Cundinamarca of scarce resources.

In recent days, the popular Bogota businesswoman and influencer Daneidy Barrera, better known in the world of social networks as Epa Colombia, caused a storm of reactions, criticism and comments. after appear on board a helicopter throwing nothing more and nothing less than his money out the window.

As if she were one of the wealthiest people in the world and while flying over the skies of the municipality of Suesca, Cundinamarca, the young woman threw hundreds of 50,000-peso bills that some inhabitants of the sector managed to collect, this as a way to celebrate the having managed to enter the Corferias Health and Beauty Fair, as she said that it was not easy at all.

Although for some of her fans this was an act of good will, for many others it was not well seen and they even questioned the origin of the money, as some even speculated that the businesswoman could be laundering money.

Epa Colombia will reissue banknotes in Bogotá and Cundinamarca

Given the strong attacks and accusations that she received, Daneidy manifested herself through her networks asking her followers not to criticize her, since many were unaware of everything that the foundations had stolen from her in her donations.

«You’re angry, friend. None, none. Do you know how many foundations have stolen my money? Do you know how many people have I wanted to help? Girl, don’t criticize me. Do you know how many people collected the money?”

Later she mentioned some of the places where she would be throwing tickets again and asked her followers for permission to allow her to continue carrying out the unusual activity, she expressed that she wants to continue helping those who need it most because they were the ones who helped her out. ahead.

“I am going to be in Ciudad Bolívar and I am going to be in Soacha. ‘The Colombian Kardashian’. I will continue helping… I can ask you for a permit, my dear friend. You let me go to Soacha and I lower the helicopter as far as I can and throw away (the bills), or you give me the opportunity to go to a large foundation in Soacha and help it, or in Ciudad Bolívar”.

Here are their statements:

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