Epa Colombia revealed its secret to lift your buttocks without surgery!

on video, Epa Colombia revealed its secret to lift your buttocks without having to go to the operating room! It is a very good option for many.

The controversial businesswoman and influencer Epa Colombia, who in recent days has been in the eye of the hurricane due to the problems you have had to face with your company and your keratins, again caught the attention of thousands of network users, but this time for a completely different topic.

Well, through his official Instagram account, he shared several stories in which he revealed one of his most valuable secrets to show off a heart-stopping tail without having to go to the scalpel.

Epa Colombia revealed her secret to lift her buttocks. She has been using it for 4 years!

In the short clips, he began by asking his fans that no matter how «flat they were» never dared to do any plastic surgery on the buttocks, Well, she had the answer to this problem!

Laughing, he confessed that «his miracle» to show off a firm rearguard and with greater prominence is a special girdle-type panty that helps shape and keep everything in place.

Although at first many believed that it was underwear with foam, he emphasized that this one had no padding, because all its benefits are due to its design and its material. He even detailed that he has a large number of these in his drawer and is constantly buying more.

Friend, don’t go doing anything in line. I have the solution for you. These panties lift my butt and don’t have any padding. They are great. The truth are like girdles.”

Here are his tips:

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