Epa Colombia «peliculated» and almost got into Lina Tejeiro’s bed

By means of a broadcast, Epa Colombia confessed that he «compelled himself» and almost got into Lina Tejeiro’s bed after the celebration. OMG!

A whole rain of reactions, criticisms and comments has generated the unusual video in which The renowned actress Lina Tejeiro appears (during her ostentatious birthday party on October 9) fulfilling the dream of the controversial businesswoman Epa Colombia of kissing her on the mouthWell, in short, no one expected it!

In the images that were shared by Daneidy Barrera herself on her Instagram account, the two celebrities appear in dialogue (apparently upset) while Epa insistently asks the actress for a kiss. Given this, the plainswoman finally agrees, which not only drove the businesswoman and those who witnessed the moment crazy, but also caused a stir among thousands of Internet users.

In this regard, many have applauded what happened and have expressed that it was only a gesture of affection between friends, while others have shown total rejection, assuring that they only did it in order to gain even more fame, because so far the video It has been replicated dozens of times and already has more than 3 million 600 thousand reproductions.

Epa Colombia confessed that he «peliculated» and almost got into Lina Tejeiro’s bed

Despite the divided opinions, the kiss between the famous does not stop being a trend in networks and even little by little new details have been known about what happened that morning. Through a live broadcast and in conversation with her friend Koral of hers, the businesswoman revealed that after her kiss «she was getting dressed up» and almost got into bed with the actress. In that way?

Well, after the party was over, Epa reported that she decided to accompany Lina to her room with the intention of spending the rest of the night with her. However, neither Tejeiro’s mother nor her friend and her escort allowed it, so she concluded that he had «a very brave movie in his head» and ended up going to her house.

Here are your statements.

What did the actress say?

It should be clarified that in a recent dynamic of questions through stories, Tejeiro expressed that he did not see anything wrong with it, he does not regret it and that he did it in order to make his friend happy, however, this did not mean that his tastes have changed.

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