Epa Colombia and Yina Calderón’s sister made peace

In a recent Instagram story it became clear that the enmity between Epa Colombia and the sister of Yina Calderón is over.

It seems that the women were able to meet to formalize the support that Epa Colombia will give to the keratin business by Yina Calderon.

Just a few days ago, the same Epa Colombia decided to support the entrepreneurship of Manuela Gómez, former protagonist of Nuestra Tele, situation that Yina did not like at the time.

Who confirmed the collaboration was the same Juliana Calderón sister of Yina and also published a photo of a meal they had together a few years ago.

Epa Colombia and Yina Calderón’s sister will do business together

Yina Calderon too He took the opportunity to comment to his fans who asked him about the meeting with Epa Colombia.

Well, very well, she and Coral were there for a while, they all behaved very well with me…

Yina’s words about the meeting with Epa Colombia on her new Instagram account.

Apparently the businesswoman Epa Colombia is determined to help several entrepreneurs in the country that have to do with the beauty business.

How do you think of Epa Colombia’s attitude towards Yina Calderón’s sister? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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