Epa apologizes to followers and clarifies that his keratin is more expensive

In a video posted via Instagram, the influencer EPA Colombia apologizes to his followers and advises them to delete the conversations with their «friends».

Epa Colombia went from being one of the characters that aroused the most ridicule on social networks to being one of the most successful businesswomen in that world with her keratin business, so successful that she was even called to teach classes at a university.

However, she does not stop causing controversy, either because of her surgeries, her stolen kisses from celebrities like Lina Tejeiro or her fights with other influencers. On this occasion, she is in the eye of the hurricane for defending Andrea Valdiri from Yina Calderón’s negative comments about the Barranquilla’s last surgery.

The video in which Epa apologizes to followers

After a company accused Epa Colombia of stealing various keratin formula details, she came out to defend her business in a series of videos that she shared through her stories on the epa_colombia Instagram account. In the clip, the woman from Bogotá refers to an audio allegedly filtered by Yina Calderón in which she says that her product costs three thousand pesos and explains that this audio is from several years ago and that now her formula has changed.

“If you have a friend, take her cell phone and delete her conversations, because you will never know if you are going to get ahead, if you are going to be successful, if you are going to be famous, if you are going to grow in an incredible way, because everything they are going to take it out of you, with time they take everything out of you.”

“If you want to be successful and grow, you have to have a good profit, because for that you have to be a businesswoman. Keratin is more expensive for me, love. I still feel bad, friend, and I apologize, but I will never let you down.”

«The product does not cost three thousand pesos because that was the conversation in 2018 2019, I have been changing the raw material and improving.»

Said Daneidy Barrera Rojas, among other things.

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