Enrique Iglesias would have secretly married

It is not the first time that these types of commitments have been talked about in secret between artists, all to avoid the media and obviously lead a more personal life, what have you done in secret?

For fourteen years, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova they have shown that they are one of the most stable couples on the show even though they are not married. However, it seems that the singer and the former tennis player did marry and they did it in the most secret way possible.

And it is that through a photograph that the blonde published in her official account of Instagraminternational media realized that the former athlete wears an impressive and mysterious diamond ring on her left ring finger, with which she allegedly sealed her love with the Spaniard, who always stressed that she does not need a marriage paper to live as a couple.

In the image, Enrique Iglesias’s girlfriend is seen posing very smiling with her stepbrother Alan only 11 years old; It’s not the first time anna Kournikova She boasts the jewel on social networks, a few weeks ago she wore the same ring, unleashing rumors that she did marry after more than a decade of relationship.

Recently and after the insistence of the media, the interpreter of «Dancing» detailed: “I have nothing against marriage, not at all. It’s just that I feel like we’re okay, we’re having a great time, and the babies aren’t up to me. No, well, it does depend on me, at least a little. Or so I would hope, but you get my point.».

Taken from Televisa