Enrique Iglesias versus Julio Iglesias, Vibraencuesta

Enrique Iglesias is one of the most famous Latin singers today, as Julio was at the time; who would win if they faced each other?

They say that “son of a tiger comes out painted”, and that is more true than ever when it comes to artists who, like dolphins of the monarchy, inherit the professions of their parents. Enrique can not avoid the resemblance to his father, so your relationship with him is not the best. In fact, Enrique says that he has never used the fact of being the son of one of the legends of Hispanic music to achieve fame and success. Will be? Because although he at first hid his identity, last name has not been changed.

It has been precisely art that has separated father and son. «He told her that he wasn’t going to sell that record, and when he sold a million records, he told her that he had sold them because he was the son of Julio Iglesias“Julio’s ex-manager, Alfredo Fraile, revealed in a book, referring to a conversation he had supposedly heard.

This family rivalry is one of the most famous in the recording world, which is why we have let our imagination run wild today to try to find out who of the two would win if they faced each other…as artists, of course.

In terms of career success, who is doing better? Enrique has won more than 100 awards, while his father has around 50, but has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Los Angeles). On the other hand, Julio is listed as the Latin artist who has sold the most in history, with 300 million copies; while his son has sold approximately 100 million copies. Then, who is more successful for you?

For his artistic talent, Which of them do you think is the better singer? Before answering, listen to this ‘hand in hand’ and pay close attention to their voices…

And as for the physical part, Which of the two do you think is prettier? Of course we put a photo of Julio in his best years…

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