Enclosure design for colored mice

The design of the enclosure is based on the nature and needs of these active animals. Pet mice are known for their urge to move, dig and explore, and for their climbing skills. In nature, the animals stay in caves and corridors, which must be taken into account when designing the habitat appropriate to the species.

The enclosure location should be quiet, bright and free from drafts or heat radiation and cigarette smoke. The animals feel comfortable at a living room temperature of 20° – 24° degrees and react sensitively to even slight temperature fluctuations and humidity. A location near the heating system is also not recommended. The dry air can lead to respiratory diseases in the pet mice.

Since free exercise is only possible to a limited extent, the enclosure must be large enough for the curious animals to be able to sufficiently pursue their urge to move and explore. The cages offered on the market are inadequate. An enclosure with a floor area of ​​at least 0.5 square meters should be available for two to four animals.

Only lattice enclosures are suitable for the species-appropriate keeping of mice, they guarantee sufficient and constant ventilation.