Emotional predators: Learn to recognize them!

Regardless of the damage that a particular individual can cause one, there are some types of people with whom you should never have a love relationship, because they are a danger!

Throughout your life it is normal for you to meet several people who touch your spirit in different ways. You fall in love with some without being reciprocated, with others you cultivate long and beautiful relationships and others break your heart, but some could completely ruin your existence, they are emotional predators, people you should never mess with. So that it’s not too late, learn to recognize them from the first date and walk away.

Anodyne: Their way of being is rather weak, insecure and nullified, so they desperately look for someone to save them. We literally told you about that lost boy looking for mom that Christina y Los Subterraneos refers to in the song someone to take care of me. Avoid having a relationship with this type of person, because no matter what you do, they will always be the victim and you will be the bad (or bad) of the ride.

Arrogant: He comes across as financially successful, too sure of himself, overconfident; you will recognize him because he boasts too much about all these qualities. Don’t even think about messing with a guy like that, because he despises all people, so over time he will convince you that he is too much for you and he is only by your side out of pity.

Liar: Whoever lies about what is small and unimportant will surely lie about what is vital and very important, it is a warning sign that you should not miss from the first dates! Sometimes it is difficult to catch a good liar, but if you know how to observe closely, you will discover it.

Manipulator: From the first moment you start dating him, he starts talking bad about other people to you and trying to convince you that his opinions are correct. He is one of those who investigate your life and feelings to try to convince you that you have a problem that you had no idea about, and coincidentally he is the solution. Just like a seller.

Narcissistic: You will identify this emotional predator because he constantly needs praise and recognition from everyone around him. He could even show off intimate details of his life just to feel admired. Batteries, because this type of person has such a huge ego that you will be just a trophy to show off.

Passive-aggressive: The phrase “deliver me Lord from the still waters” perfectly describes these emotional predators. The problem with messing with someone like that is that you never know what to expect, because they accumulate and accumulate and when they explode they are able to kill and eat the dead, you don’t want to be in their way!

hypercontroller: This predator is one of the most dangerous, because it usually ends in physical and emotional abuse. You recognize him because he tries to change you from the first moment, he will also want to know where you are at all times, with whom and what you are doing. He will call you 10 thousand times no more to check if you are lying, he will check your phone, rather, he will get into the ranch! Don’t think about it, run away!

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