Elizabeth Loaiza is pregnant and confirmed it «before time»

After many complications, the model Elizabeth Loaiza is pregnant again and could not help telling her followers such happy news.

Elizabeth Loaiza is one of the most admired Cali models for her stylized figure and because on her social networks she is used to pleasing her followers by sharing with them a multitude of photographs in which she appears in lingerie, since has its own brand called Percheroni.

In addition, she has also been in the eye of the hurricane due to some scandals, among which we remember when she was investigated for offering tests to detect covid-19 on her Instagram account, allegedly without INVIMA registration, at the beginning of the pandemic.

Elizabeth Loaiza is pregnant and very excited

Let us remember that the former beauty queen had been looking to order the stork for a long time, however, she had had several problems; First, she unfortunately miscarried in 2020, and then she was diagnosed with cancer, which she has now overcome.

“We did not want to give this pleasant and pleasant news because it does not stop scaring us because of everything I went through, because of the pregnancy I lost, because of the cancer, therefore health problems as a result of the previous pregnancy, it was not among our plans to tell it. , neither say it nor divulge it; I know that many people who know me will be saying ‘oh, my God, why did they say, why did they tell?’, because the first thing they tell you is don’t count until the baby is three months old, until he is strong in her womb, but that’s how things turned out»

Elizabeth told in a series of clips that she shared with her fans on her official Instagram account.

What do you think about waiting 3 months before giving the news of a pregnancy? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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