Elizabeth Loaiza cut her hair when starting chemotherapy

After announcing the start of her chemotherapy, Elizabeth Loaiza cut her hair in preparation for the side effects she could experience.

This model surprised her followers by announcing through her Instagram account that she had been diagnosed with cancer; the news saddened many Colombians and fans.

Although she has been involved in scandals, such as when she was charged with promoting COVID-19 tests on her networks, she has always been a positive person and is accepting her illness in the same way.

Preparing for chemotherapy, Elizabeth Loaiza cut her hair

It was her little daughter, Ana Sofia Escrucería, who was in charge of cutting her long, blonde hair and the process was captured on video, which she shared on her social networks.

Here is the result!!! They like me?

The truth is that all this news, about the cancer cells in my body, I have taken it in stride.

I don’t know where I get strength from. I confess something to you? Sometimes I feel like I’m out of breath. Today is one of those days. Everything has happened to me.

All these clinic pods stress me out. Everything has turned upside down. I’m tired.
Today I started chemotherapy and everything happened. (They didn’t do it to me). As soon as I gain strength I’ll tell you.

For now I share with you this important moment of my life: cutting my hair!!! Never in my life had I cut it so short but I think I need to do it before it starts to fall out completely.

In addition to that Sofi is very happy with the whole process! He has given me strength. She tells me: You look beautiful mom and you are going to be the best model of my shampoo (she is taking her product line). This morning she told me: when you’re bald you’ll be my best and prettiest model because your hair will grow very quickly by putting on my shampoo.

Hahahaha I love her! I love to see how he takes everything calmly, I love to see his strength, his happiness, his integrity, his infinite love.

He wrote in the clip post…

Her followers filled her with compliments in the comments and sent her messages of strength for her speedy recovery.

I love short hair it looks so beautiful on you


You look spectacular too top with that Barbie face everything looks on you


You are pure strength you look perfect!


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