Elianis Garrido left the set of I know everything after a discussion with a colleague

angry, Elianis Garrido left set of I know everything after discussion with colleague. The host couldn’t stand the pressure!

The latest broadcast of Channel 1’s gossip and entertainment show featured a heated discussion starring none other than its presenters.

It all started with the statements of Óscar Naranjo, former participant of the reality show on the RCN channel Novel Protagonistswho He recalled the intense episode in which Elianis Garrido grabbed him by the hair after insulting each other.


The former protagonist clarified that after the fight (which was broadcast more than 8 years ago) they both talked about what happened, assuring that he forgave her in his heart, that he doesn’t hold a grudge and emphasized that it was just a competition.

Elianis Garrido left the set of I know everything after a discussion with a colleague

For the above, the presenter Ariel Osorio wanted to know what Garrido thought about Naranjo’s statementsto which she replied:

“(…) Eight years have passed and those who are my colleagues know perfectly well what I think of the situation. I cannot speak about Oscar’s statements because I have not seen them (…) there is only one inconsistency and that is that he says that he looked for me. That did not happen»

However, this was not enough for the presenter, who He continued pressing to know the version of the presenter, who stated:

“The former participants who are making a reality show of their life after the reality show, it seems wonderful to me that they continue to monetize their scandal, but I think I deserve a little respect because I have tried to the best of my ability to take care of myself and to take care of them and Although I am part of a show like this program, my private life is not part of that show and the day I decide to talk about this I am going to do it, but I don’t think it’s cool that you «take me down.»

Osorio continued to pressure Elianis

Before the forceful message of the presenterOsorio clarified that the speech they work on the program always seeks to give air to the two versions of the protagonists of a news that goes viralso he continued to ask Garrido if he could meet Oscar Naranjo again.

Elianis replied that she would do it without any problem, but what she did not want to do was give details of that day or talk about what happened on the show, since it would end up being “a dagger” for her.

Of course, the Barranquilla’s statements once again fueled the presenter’s curiosity, who he asked why the subject affected him so much if he was already overcomewhat The presenter, visibly upset, replied: «There are two answers, yes or no and period, I said no, so I don’t understand why continue (…) it seems that you loved it».

Slowly The temperature of the discussion increased and at one point the presenter asked if there would be the possibility of doing a program with Naranjo «face to face»so Elianis replied:

You could do it, of course, I don’t have any problem; just as I could also invite your ex-partner here to the set and you should then accept the situationbecause I have respected your private life

After the embarrassing discussion, the presenter stated that he did not become famous for any «measles» and apologized to viewers for the uncomfortable episode, while Elianis left the set.

Here the full video:

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