Elianis Garrido exercises to maintain her figure

Elianis Garrido shared some exercises and an extra secret that Marbelle apparently also used.

The presenter of I know everything He has resorted to the operating room to make some arrangements. In an interview she confessed that she had a nose job and her bust was increased. Although some people believe that she has had more surgeries on her face, she clarified that has always had thick lips.

But to maintain the great body she has, the barranquilla does some exercise routines. On his other Instagram account, bailayentrenaconelianis shares dances and routines that have worked for you. Today was no exception and he posted a video from Monserrate. In addition to going up on foot, she made 3 sets of squats on the stairs.

But his training didn’t stop there. Elianis Garrido then went to the gym and shared some exercises for the abdomen. She first rested his arms on one of the machines and lifted her legs up to her abdomen.

In its second exercise the difficulty increased and he put a weight on his feet.

finally did 2 sets of 25from todouble raise sit-ups. Some of his followers asked him how often he trained and if he did cardio. She replied that she does cardio 2 times a week Y train 3 to 4 times a week.

for those who want to work armadvised to do 4 sets of 15 reps raising and lowering arms at shoulder height holding 1 dumbbell in each hand, or 2 bottles of water of 1 liter.

Apparently Elianis was not the only one who went up to Monserrate to exercise. According to one story published by Marbelle, she also uploadedbut it was earlier.

Share these exercise routines with your friends, they will surely thank you.

With information from: Instagram