Elianis Garrido celebrated her birthday with a very attractive photo

Elianis Garrido He surprised his followers by posting a photo on his social networks that many considered quite attractive to celebrate his birthday.

It is no secret to anyone that Elianis Garrido always attracts attention with everything he does on his social networks. On this occasion, the actress’s followers were left with their mouths open because she published a photo of her in a green dress to celebrate her birthday.

The sensual green dress with which Elianis Garrido celebrated her birthday

Through his official Instagram account, Elianis Garrido published some photographs in which he showed off his tremendous body and took the opportunity to thank him for another year of life. The ex-protagonist wrote a message where she assured “Today is a good day to give THANKS for EVERYTHING. Blessed be the LORD of hosts for my life, my health and for every opportunity and for every learning. Here we go dreaming, living, learning. Today I am born again”.

Those were the words with which Elianis celebrated her birthday and of course her most faithful followers did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her on a special day. In addition, in the image that she received almost 80 thousand likes, many highlighted that she looked very sensual and was having her best moment.

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