Elianis Garrido as a child does not look anything like how she looks today

Elianis Garrido She shared a photograph of when she was a child on her social networks and many say that she does not look anything like what she looks like today.

It is no secret to anyone that Elianis Garrido always attracts attention with everything he does on his social networks. On this occasion, the actress’s followers were left with their mouths open because she published a photo of her when she was a little girl.

The photo of Elianis Garrido’s girl that surprised her followers

The novel’s ex-protagonist took advantage of the famous Thursday of TBT to share old memories with his followers on his official Instagram account. That is why she published a photograph of her when she was a child with which more than one was surprised by the drastic changes that she has had so far.

With the image, many considered that it looks unrecognizable, but they also took the opportunity to affirm that it is now going through its best moment. Well, Elianis, after her time in Protagonistas de Novela, has had a fairly successful career in acting and presentation, as well as being one of the most sensual Colombians.

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