Elegant nail designs for special events

With the following elegant nail designs, you will have several options to show off impeccable hands on different occasions.

The hands in general and the nails in particular are a very important part of the personal appearance of all the girls; They talk about us, that’s why they must communicate exactly what we want.

That is why it is essential that through them we transmit elegance when we need it. Here we share some options to achieve it.

Do you need elegant nail designs? Here are 12 options

transparent and simple

Elegance doesn’t have to be complicated or ornate, just a mirror line on your nude nails.


The color of blood can be very elegant if you combine it with a contrasting ring finger.

Golden? Yes!

Although some girls may seem rude, the truth is that gold is indicated for some events, such as cocktails.

Opaque with design

Opaque enamels are also an excellent option if you are going to a work meeting.


Similarly, pastel tones will look great in your hands if you are going to sign a contract.

black = rumba

But if the event is a night party and you want to look very fashionable, don’t be afraid to use black enamel with touches of gold or silver.

If you don’t feel confident, replace black with blue or purple.

Weddings, first communions, etc…

There are many possibilities, ranging from classic white to nude and combinations with other basics, such as black. Choose one…

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With information from: Nail Art Style