Egan Bernal’s mother told her followers that she has cancer

Egan Bernal’s mom He explained to his followers the situation he was facing, that’s why he confirmed to them on social networks that he has cancer.

Flor Marina Gómez a few months ago was supporting her son to overcome the aftermath of his accident. However, now it was she who used her social networks to talk about the disease and the battle she is going to face.

Egan Bernal’s mother faces a fight against cancer

Through a video on her Instagram account, Flor Marina Gómez told her followers that her body was facing various medical processes since they had found cancer. She that’s why she commented “I want to share one more battle that we are experiencing. Turns out I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.».

In addition, she was emphatic in leaving a message to all women about the importance of self-examination “I want to share this process with all the women who follow me. I want to send a message so that we take care of ourselves, that we do the self-examination. Detecting cancer early is essential. I want you to see my process”. Egan’s mom confidently mentioned to her followers that she is convinced that she will win the battle against the disease. “Surely, I will come out of this battle very well. I have a lot of faith, a lot of optimism, carrying this with the best energy and I’m sure it will go ahead «.

A Flor Marina Gómez we wish you a speedy recovery and that she be a winning woman of this battle.